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Rooftop air conditioners

Rooftop air conditioners also known as rooftops are designed for effective heating and cooling of the air. They are typically installed in such buildings as shopping centers, airports, cinemas, restaurants, sport complexes etc.

Rooftop is an industrial equipment installed on the roof.

System features

Rooftop air conditioners are used not only for effective cooling or heating of the air, they also perform functions of input ventilation.

Outdoor air mixing allows to maintain optimal air exchange creating a favorable microclimate in the room. For air mixing a special camera for mixmg of outdoor and indoor air is used.

Rooftops that are not equipped with heat pump perform only cooling function. Electric, water or gas heaters are used for heating of air masses.

One of the main features of rooftops is a wide range of capacity (from 8 to 140 kW). Moreover, these refrigeration units are distinguished by reliability and economical operation.

Design of rooftops

Design of rooftops is not different from convenient window-type models. It consists of basic components: compressor, fan, cold carrier, evaporator, condenser, as well as mixing chamber and heater.

Types of rooftops

Depending on functionality, rooftops are diveded into 2 types: rooftop air conditioners of general purpose are designed for air supply and maintenance of preset temperature parameters. Special-purpose rooftops have many additional functions designed for facilites with high traffic (entertainment centers, concert halls, cafes, railway stations).


  • economical operation;
  • noiseless operation;
  • general automatic system;
  • ease of use;
  • functionality;
  • fresh air mixing;
  • compact size.

One of the main disadvantages is complex installation. That’s why it must be implemented by highly qualified specialists.

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