Refrigeration central is an independent stand-alone equipment that does not require constant intervention except when switching on and off the refrigeration equipment of a supermarket or a shopping center. But the center will work autonomously, and the main thing is correct only in case of professional installation, conducted by experienced masters.

Nuances of refrigeration unit installation

Since the cooling center ensures the correct operation of a variety of equipment, including air conditioning systems, it is very important to seal everything and secure it properly. If everything was done correctly, all your equipment will work fine for more than one year and even – not five or six years. Well, if you made mistakes and shortcomings during the installation of refrigeration center, then keep a business card with the number of organization engaged in the repair of refrigeration equipment. You can find out the telephone numbers of a specialized company right now by looking at the page of our contacts.

Refrigerating central’s purpose

Refrigeration centrals supply refrigerant via pipes to refrigeration equipment. If pipes are not connected tightly to the equipment, the refrigerant will simply leak, which leads to inefficient operation of refrigeration equipment, unnecessary costs and compressors wear. In the event of a lowering of refrigerant level below the permissible norm, compressors stop to manage with load and are working on wear.

Professional and conscientious masters of our company will necessarily check the tightness of all pipes from refrigeration center to refrigeration equipment.

Relying on us, you will be satisfied with done work. We employ only the most qualified specialists in the field of installation and operation of refrigeration equipment, which have many years of experience behind them. We have a large client base, consisting of people who are satisfied with our work, who often turn to us repeatedly. The most important thing in professional relations is decency and mutual respect. Therefore, we guarantee the quality of installation and in case of any problems after installation carried out by our master, we will immediately arrive to fix them without taking a penny from you for this.

It is important for us to do everything as convenient for you, so that all our clients are satisfied with our work. There is nothing better than satisfied customer and we understand that a permanent customer needs to be earned, constantly delighting with his well-done work.