Heating boilers repair

Repair of heating boilers in Tashkent is carried out qualitatively and in extremely short terms by specialists of Server Servis Plyus.

Boiler equipment is very important in life of modern man. Very often, municipal heat supply systems do not cope with providing heat in cold seasons, and in country houses there is no heating at all. In these cases, the installation of heating boilers. Heating boilers can only perform the function of heating and hot water supply, and failure of boiler can lead to rather unpleasant consequences in both cases.

If you need to quickly repair the boiler equipment, our specialists are always at your service. The specialists of our company have all necessary skills and experience in the field of domestic and industrial boiler equipment and can make a qualitative repair of the boiler, both domestic and industrial boiler houses.

Before starting the repair of heating boiler, our masters make a full diagnosis of the operability of equipment, even if the cause of malfunction is immediately clear. This is done in order to eliminate not only the breakdown, but also the cause of its occurrence.

Service maintenance, prevention and cleaning of heating boilers must be carried out regularly, it will prolong the period of uninterrupted operation of the boiler and avoid unforeseen breakdowns at the wrong time, during the winter period.

Repair of boiler houses in Tashkent and its region is one of the directions of our company. We have been engaged in industrial air conditioning and heating systems for many years, during which we have accumulated considerable experience in this field. Any faults associated with boiler equipment or other heating systems our specialists will solve as quickly and at an affordable price.

If it is important for you that the boiler equipment works qualitatively for many years, and if you do not want to repeat the breakdown of your heating equipment, contact Server-Servis.

Our specialists will repair of heating boilers of any manufacturer working on any kind of fuel. Our company cares about its reputation, therefore we give a guarantee on all works made by our specialists.