Gas burner for heating boilers is a device for mixing air (oxygen) with gaseous fuel in order to supply mixture to outlet and burn it here with formation of a stable combustion front (flame).
Gas burners have a variety of advantages. Firstly, procedure for starting the burner takes not even minutes, but seconds. Secondly, they work almost smoothly, because their design is extremely simple, there simply is nothing to break! Thirdly, such burners are not prone to explosions and emissions of flames. The gas burner is quieter than gasoline.
Gas burners for heating boilers are an incredibly economical and safe solution for residential and industrial buildings. Their design allows them to work on both natural and liquefied gas, which is coming from cylinders. Typically, gas burners can operate in a single-stage, two-stage or modulating power mode.

Today, the burner is one of the most important components of boilers which are part of autonomous heating system. No matter how carefully you choose it, even considering all features and requirements, sooner or later even the best and high-quality equipment can fail. To prevent this situation, servicing or maintenance of  burners should be carried out. Service maintenance contributes to reliable and durable operation of the equipment, and technical maintenance is carried out for the prevention of malfunctions. If burners are not serviced in a timely manner, this can lead to premature equipment failure and excessive wear.

Failure to meet deadlines and untimely servicing of burners often leads to the fact that the boiler starts to work with overloads. Non-optimal operating mode, as a rule, leads to boiler radiators burnout, failure of burner itself and, as a consequence, to expensive repairs or purchase and installation of new equipment.

It is advisable not to postpone inspection of boiler equipment at the beginning of heating season, but to conduct it in the off-season. It should be understood that the loading of service centers in this period is very large and in cold weather one can remain without heating.

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