Server Service Company performs service maintenance of ventilation systems both in Tashkent and throughout Uzbekistan. We have a large staff of qualified employees with a long record of service. We offer services for single maintenance ventilation systems, and regular maintenance with the conclusion of a long contract. We can perform not only maintenance of ventilation systems, but also their repair and reconstruction.

Our company has been on the market for more than 10 years and during this time we have accumulated a wealth of experience that allows us to perform our work flawlessly.

Our company has not only great experience but also necessary tools for high-quality maintenance of ventilation systems and equipment diagnostics.

Work schedule for single-time maintenance of ventilation system – Full prevention

  • External examination of ventilation system to detect external mechanical damage.
  • Cleaning body of air handling unit (outside and inside).
  • Replacement of coolant in hydraulic system (cooling/heating).
  • Cleaning radiators of air cooler and air heater (if there is any).
  • Checking and lubricating the fans.
  • Checking the fan drive belts (checking the condition, adjusting the tension).
  • Checking the noise level of ventilation equipment, eliminating the nocturnal noises.
  • Elimination of breakages and malfunctions not requiring replacement of parts and occupying no more than 40 minutes.
  • Checking the operability of air heater and cooler systems.
  • Checking of liquid filters in system of cooling and heating, replacement if necessary.
  • Cleaning and replacement of air filters.
  • Checking condition of anti-vibration mountings of ventilation system.
  • Check the health of all sensors for emergency shutdown equipment (sensor-voltage differential relay, temperature sensor, capillary thermostat, anti-freeze, etc.).
  • Calibration and adjustment of manometers and thermometers at their significant deviation from the norm.
  • Checking the serviceability of air damper drive.
  • Consultation of customer on system operation.

Regulations on maintenance of ventilation on a long-term basis

  • Departure and diagnostics of the equipment (it is carried out once before service setting).
  • External examination of ventilation system to determine external mechanical damage.
  • Check rotation of fan impeller for free.
  • Checking the condition of the fan drive belts, tension adjustment.
  • Checking the noise level of ventilation equipment, and the presence of extraneous noise in the ventilation system.
  • Elimination of small faults that do not require the replacement of parts and components and occupy no more than 40 minutes of time.
  • Check piping of piping systems of the air heater and cooler.
  • Check the mud screen filters in the system of piping the ventilation plant (water and glycol filters).
  • Check the air filters, if necessary, clean them.
  • Checking the operation of the emergency stop and alarm sensors. (Sensor-voltage differential relay, temperature sensor, capillary freeze protection thermostat, etc.).
  • Checking the operability of air dampers and electric drive.
  • Consultation of the customer on system operation.

If you need services for ventilation systems maintenance, our company offers its services. We have low prices and we give a guarantee for all provided services. For more information, please refer to the section «Contacts».