Design of refrigerated storages. Everyone knows that factories and trading companies can not do without warehouses. Storages store materials, ingredients and finished products. In many industries, refrigerated warehouses are needed – refrigerated equipment is often installed in warehouses of food industry enterprises, in fact, for the longest storage of products, it is necessary to comply with temperature regime. Refrigerated warehouses are used to store items made of leather and fur, for storing flowers and in many other industries.

Our company will develop for you a project of a modern refrigerating warehouse that meets all quality standards. We will take into account everything – entrances to the warehouse, the organization of cargo flows within storage itself, necessary engineering systems and much more.

Server Service Company offers modern solutions to storage problems – from designing warehouse premises of any size you need to period of implementing it. We will design for you following storage-premises:

  • Logistic complexes
  • Distribution storages
  • Loading terminals
  • Production storages

Our company is ready to offer you design of refrigerated warehouses for specific needs.

Material for construction of warehouse is lightweight, galvanized sandwich panels. The construction of warehouses from such panels takes the least amount of time, and the durability is not inferior to reinforced concrete structures (with proper operation). Engineers of Server Service company will develop a competent project of warehouse facilities taking into account all your wishes. Our project will meet all technical standards and individual needs of the customer.

After project preparation, our specialists will begin to implement it.

The shortest construction time is achieved through the use of quickly assembled structures. The assembly is performed using bolted connections.

So, as sandwich panels have a low weight, a similar warehouse does not require a solid foundation – it can be built on quick-mounting, shallow foundation.

After the completion of assembly work, our specialists will install all necessary equipment in the cold store.

Due to relatively low cost and short construction time, such refrigerated warehouses are gaining popularity all over the world.

If you need a cold store in Uzbekistan, contact Server Service.