Burners. The operation of heating devices is connected with fuel combustion and heat carrier. The main element of this process is the burner. It determines the efficiency of this equipment. There is a wide range of burners. Each type has its own properties.

Gas burners

This type of burner is more popular. Gas under the pressure is fed to the storage device, where it is mixed with oxygen. This substance is ignited and flame is formed. Advantages of these burners are reliability, simple design, not expensive fuel.

Depending on type of mixing of gas mixture and oxygen, the burners are divided into:

  • Diffusion;
  • Inflatable;
  • Injection;
  • Recuperative;
  • Regenerative.

Modern gas burners are equipped with many functions and reliability.

Liquid fuel burners

In this case, the biofuel or oil products are supplied under the pressure. Diesel and oil burners are more popular. The first ones are very efficient. Besides, they are ease of use and simple in installation. The second ones are durable, cost effective and ideal for centralized boiler rooms.

Combined burners

These burners can be operated on the different type of fuel. Additional advantages are compact size and operation in complex conditions. However, this type of equipment has also disadvantages, such as need a regular maintenance, medium level of efficiency, high price.

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