Mainly, oil burners, both autonomous and industrial, are used to convert fuel oil to thermal energy, and this is done by burning. Mechanical fuel atomization system is used in fuel oil burners, using either steam or compressed air. Some of the modifications of fuel oil burners are equipped with low-pressure nozzles, this is aimed at efficient reduction of fuel consumption. In addition, this type of fuel oil burner is slower than its analogs, and this, in turn, reduces both process and maintenance cost.

Fuel oil burners, produced in our time, are equipped with equipment such as electrical panels, regulation system, propulsion-pump group of fuel supply. A burner with fuel oil, which is similarly equipped, will automatically clean the nozzle as soon as possible to talk about the end of operation, which also reduces the need for servicing the equipment.

Fuel oil burners are rightly considered economical and practical. In view of these properties, fuel oil burners are used universally and widely, both as the main source of thermal energy, and as an option-insurance, if there are interruptions with supply of another fuel. Industrial fuel oil burner has found its application in production purposes and in urban heating plants, providing centralized heating of residential buildings. In conclusion, we can say that consumer choice is represented by large range of fuel oil burners. Fuel oil burners are distinguished for their reliability and quality at altitude.

It is advisable not to postpone boiler equipment inspection at the beginning of heating season, but to conduct it in the off-season. It should be understood that loading of service centers in this period is very large and you may stay without heating in cold weather.

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