Our company Server Service is your business partner, offering solutions for fast and reliable maintenance of water pumps.

Providing a wide range of services – from spare parts to troubleshooting – we can support the work of your rotating equipment and help optimize your technological processes. Reliability depends on the longevity of spare parts and the quality of repair of damaged or worn out equipment. You can rely on our knowledge and desire to give you what you need, and do your job qualitatively the first time.

Maintenance and repair of pumps by periodicity, operations and labor intensity are divided into following types:

  • daily technical maintenance (EM);
  • periodical technical maintenance (PM);
  • current repair (CR);
  • seasonal technical maintenance (SM)
  • general maintenance (GM).

Periodic maintenance is carried out after 100 hours of pump operation, and the following must be done:

  • Check the condition of pistons, bushings, valves, rods. Rods seals. If necessary, replace failed parts and seals;
  • Check the condition of the oil in the crankcase of the pump, and if the oil becomes contaminated or if metal particles appear in it, replace the oil after washing frame casing.

Trouble-free operation of drilling pump NB 32 is largely dependent on timely and quality maintenance. At least once a week, the parts of safety valve must be cleaned and rinsed to prevent the seal from adhering to the body.

The oil must be changed at least once every 6 months. After changing the oil, the inner surface of  frame crankcase of the frame must be flushed with kerosene and must be wiped dry.

Maintenance work is preventive, therefore, they must be performed on time. Accounting for work is carried out in accordance to passport NB 32.00.000 PS.