Fan coil unit is one of the essential components of air conditioning system. Fan coil unit failure leads to functional loss of the entire climate control system.

Causes of equipment failure

There are common causes of fan coil unit failure:

  • Low quality assemblage;
  • Operational imperfection;
  • Operation in the conditions of constant pressure drop;
  • Natural deterioration of parts;
  • Filters and ductwork clogging.

Fan coil units are typically installed in industrial enterprises and shopping centers. They are also often found in country cottages, offices and other premises.

If during operation of ventilation system, you noticed such symptoms as unpleasant odor, strong noise and reduction of performance, just call Server Service Company! We will quickly detect cause of malfunction and eliminate it!

Repair of fan coil units

  • Equipment inspection;
  • Fan, heat exchanger and filters cleaning;
  • Measurement of operation pressure, inlet and outlet air temperature;
  • Check of drain system and air supply system;
  • Refueling of system with operating fluid.

Types of services for fan coil unit repair:

  • High quality and professional diagnostic;
  • Equipment troubleshooting;
  • Replacement of faulty components;
  • Analysis of the entire system;
  • Boards repair;
  • Cleaning of units;
  • Refueling and cleaning;
  • Chillers flushing;
  • System dry cleaning from dirt deposits;
  • Disinfection.

Repair of fan coil units is carried out by highly qualified specialists with great experience and using breakthrough technologies.

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