In modern world, with its perpetual haste and lack of time, it is difficult not to appreciate the importance of such equipment as all kinds of refrigerating chambers. It is their invention today that allows entrepreneurs with their opened business in food industry not to care about preserving quality properties of products or goods. These  cameras help to consumers today, anyone can buy almost any dish in the store, and not cook it themselves.

Of course, any businessman is obliged to consider in detail the purchase, or  construction of cold store. But not everyone is able to fully imagine all the nuances and subtleties that arise in either case. It’s not enough to just buy a cold store, each type of camera requires an individual, competent approach to installation, assembly, service, etc. Wrong design, and as a consequence – and the construction of a refrigerating store will lead to the loss of huge cash. Where can I go if I need to build a cold store?

Server Service is a company with many years of comprehensive experience in the construction of coldrooms of all types and sizes, from the smallest to the largest industrial cameras. We have experience in the construction of cold rooms in Tashkent and Uzbekistan. Our cameras are working well in Ferghana, Kokand and other cities of Uzbekistan.

Our employees are experienced designers, first-class installers and professional builders of refrigeration stores. We fully take into account the financial capabilities of clients, their individual wishes, the climatic conditions of a particular area and other factors, without it, it is impossible to build a quality refrigerating store.

In addition, we have experience with any existing materials for the construction of refrigeration stores, and we also offer our customers the latest and most advanced equipment for its equipping. Everything depends on your desires and, of course, on the type of stored products.

If you need planning the construction of a cold store, contact us and you will receive:

  • Quality refrigerating store for the shortest period of time
  • The ability to save without overpaying
  • Quality service and installation of your camera
  • Quality guarantee for the built camera

Server Service – we carry out the construction of refrigerating stores in Uzbekistan.

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