Server Service Company provides a full range of services for maintenance, diagnostics and repair of cold stores.

Cold store is not only a prepared room (or a specially built room of PU sandwich panels), an important role is played by refrigeration equipment.

In process of cold store operation, refrigeration equipment practically continuously works, and this leads to its wear and breakage. To prevent equipment damage to equipment, you should conduct it regularly.

Maintenance of industrial refrigeration plants is a complex process that requires specific knowledge, experience and, of course, the right equipment.

The specialists of our company have all necessary equipment, they have a huge experience in building of cold stores and servicing refrigeration equipment. Our masters will conduct a full diagnostic, replace filters and supplies, if necessary refuel the refrigerating equipment with freon and will repair the equipment of cold stores.

We will quickly and efficiently repair any cold store from cleaning the condenser before replacing the compressor!

Types of maintenance of cold stores:

  • Cleaning of cooling surfaces of refrigeration equipment;
  • Configuring the controller;Replacement of refrigeration unit compressor;
  • Elimination of refrigerant leaks;
  • Replacement of filters and oil in compressor of refrigeration unit;
  • The complex of works on elimination of malfunctions of electrical equipment of cold store;
  • Elimination of insulation damage of cold store.

If you need high-quality and fast after-sales service of cold store in Uzbekistan – please contact us. We repair cold stores throughout Uzbekistan.

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