Specialists of our company will help you to choose and buy steam generator for  steam store, they are widely used in production of:

  • Concrete blocks and concrete products (concrete products);
  • Blocks FWB and cinderblocks;
  • Curb and paving slabs;
  • Facing stone and brick.

If you are planning or already engaged in the production of these products, but still do not have a steaming camera, our company is at your service.

Advantages of using steam generators, and steam cameras:

First of all, the drying time for concrete products is significantly reduced. Instead of the prescribed 28 days, drying time of concrete is about 70% of strength and prolongs for 24-48 hours, and up to 100% less than 15 days.

Secondly, productivity of enterprise increases, as forms and formwork are released more quickly, and you can fill a new batch of concrete.

Thirdly, the costs for renting storage facilities for “ripening” of concrete products are reduced, since you will need less space than without using steam generators.

Many people argue that steamed concrete is whiter than concrete, which was seized under normal conditions. It should be noted that this myth and the quality of concrete from steaming chamber is not different from ordinary concrete products.

Advantages of working with Server-Service company:

  • Experienced designers will select a steam generator taking into account all features of your production.
  • We will help to supply steam generator to Tashkent from China, Korea or Europe. We will provide you with several suggestions from which you will be able to choose the one that suits you best in terms of characteristics and budget.
  • High qualification of installers guarantees high-quality and long-term operation of your equipment for steaming stores.
  • Our company also provides services for maintenance and repair of steam generators in Tashkent, Tashkent region, and other regions of Uzbekistan.
  • Full service in one company! You only need to name your requirements and the budget of the project, the rest will be done by a team of our specialists!

If you want to order a steam generator or you have any other questions, please call by numbers listed in “Contacts” section.



Drying conditions for concrete


In normal conditions


In pot-hole steam store

Air temperature from +5˚С до +25˚С 100°С
Air humidity no need 100%
Antifreeze additives in winter for sure no need
Drying time up to 70% of strength 20 days 24-48 hours
Drying time up to 100% of strength 28 days 14 days
Additional Concrete should not dry out from scorching sun rays Steam consumption per 1 m3 of products not more than 150-250 kg