One of the main advantages of flexible ducts is ease of installation. However, there are many factors that should be taken into account during installation. Only in this case there is a guarantee of correct and efficient operation of the ventilation system.

There are rules that must be observed during installation of ventilation system:

  • flexible duct can’t be used as vertical pipe riser if height of ventilation duct is more than 6 m.
  • don’t use pipes in the systems where the temperature is higher than 120 °С;
  • it is necessary to pay attention to such specifications as thermal resistnace, withstand pressure, material from which ventilation duct is made etc;
  • It is forbidden to install flexible ducts in open spaces if there is no protection from adverse environmental effect;
  • don’t install flexible ducts inside concrete structure;
  • installation of ventilation ducts with smoke dampers is forbidden.

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 Common rules

There are also several points that must be taken into account:

  • the mounted air duct must be stretched to the maximum. This allows to avoid pressure loss.
  • bending radius should be maximum, otherwise you will not avoid pressure drop;
  • ensure the movement of air masses in spiral order.

Flexible connectors, collars, tapers are used for connecting air dicts.

More tips for installation of flexible ducts

If the building is heated or heated improperly, specialists recommend to prefer insulation ducts.

When installing insulated ducts it is recommended to use with a special tape for joints sealing. This allows to increase tightness and reduce vibration during operation.

In order to avoid pressure drop, it is necesary to increase bending radius.

High quality installation of flexible ducts

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