Butterfly valve is  a gate valve, the stop-regulating component of which is made in the shape of metal disc. It quickly and reliably shut off the flow of operating medium.

Scope of application

Butterfly valve is typically installed in fire-fighting, ventilation, as well as hot and cold water supply systems. It is also can be found in pipeline system of large diameter ir in the systems where the pressure of circulated water is not high. Water, air, low agressive medium, food liquids, glicol substances are used as working medium.

Butterfly valves are made of various materials. Most commonly used material is stainless steel or  cast iron.


Depending on the installation method, butterfly valves are divided into:

  • interflanged;
  • eccentric;
  • flanged.

Depending on the method of control, butterfly valves are divided into:

  • manual;
  • reductor;
  • motor-operated;
  • hydraulic.

Materials for manufacturing concave disk – brass, stainless steel, aluminum, chromized cast iron or cast iron with poliamid coating.

According to standards, for saddle sealing 3 materials are used: Viton, NBR and EPDM.

Besides, butterfly valves are classified into diameter, way of connection to water pipeline system, working pressure.

Advantages of butterfly valves:

  • light weight;
  • simple design;
  • can be installed on the pipeline of different diameter;
  • ease of installation;
  • repairability;
  • low hydraulic resistance.

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