What is Regulated Gas Atmosphere (CA system). Let’s begin the description of this technology of fruit storage with the fact that “Regulated Gas Atmosphere (CA system)” is technically not quite the right name, although it is more popular. The exact name of this technology is “Regulated Atmosphere (RA)” (in Europe countries “Controlled Atmosphere“) – the change in the gases contained in the atmosphere is the main principle of this technology.

Storage of fruits, berries and some vegetables in controlled-atmosphere cameras can significantly prolong service life of the product and reduce the loss of useful elements during storage.

Principle of CA system is to maintain the optimal oxygen, nitrogen, ethylene and other gases for storing a particular fruit.

Following criteries are taking into account in creating CA system:

  • Storage temperature;
  • Relative air humidity in the room;
  • Atmosphere composition, actually the percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Changing oxygen concentration, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in storage of fruits and vegetables allows you to influence individual storage processes. At the same time for different kinds of vegetables and fruits it is necessary to create different atmospheric environment. Therefore, before starting storage, it is necessary to find out the necessary storage conditions for individual fruits and vegetables and based on this data, to establish a certain storage environment.

Designing a controlled atmosphere has a great importance for the quality storage of fruits. If the equipment is not properly selected, you can waste a round sum of money and not get the desired result, which is bad.

Therefore, if you decide to build a refrigerating camera with CA system or to equip an existing camera with a controlled atmosphere, then only contact highly qualified specialists who have experience in this field.

Necessary equipment for creating CA system:

  • Nitrogen Generator
  • СО2 adsorber
  • Catalytic converter of ethylene, ethylene adsorber
  • Built-in gas analysis systemHermetic doors for cold rooms
  • Remote monitoring system