One of the main activities area of our company is heating of industrial buildings.

Room heating is a complex process that requires a responsible approach. First of all we take into account such parameters as big size, nonstandard building layoutcertain requirements to temperature and humidity.

Industrial heating: installation methods

There are several methods of project development for heating of industrial workshops.

Water heating. Heat of source is a boiler operated on liquid energy carrier. Fuel oil, coal, wood and gas are used for liquid heat.

Air heating. This is the most popular decision for large floor area. In this case gas, diesel or thermal generators are used.

Steam heating. If there are particles of dust or gas impurities in the room, this option is not suiatble. Steam heating is used for permanent heating.

Electric heating. This type of heating is economical and productive. Heat curtains are installed in the room on order to reduce heat losses.

Do you want to buy an industrial boiler?

Our company offers a wide range of services:

  • design of modular boiler rooms;
  • calculation of heating system;
  • selection of suiatable boiler;
  • installation of boiler equipment;
  • repair of boilers;
  • boilers maintenance.

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We will help not only to buy industrial gas or electric boiler but also carry out installation and commissioning works.

Great experience in the field of climate control and heating equipment allows us to develop projects of any complexity. In the course of our activity we have put into commission a great number of facilities. Watch our photo gallery and video clips and make sure we are best of the best.

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