Chiller refers to the category of industrial equipment. Chiller-fan coil unit system is typically used in large industrial enterprises. There is a question: how to choose a suitable chiller? There are several types of chillers:

Absorption chillers

Power supply source of absorption chiller is water or steam. Distilled water is used as coolant, while lithium bromide is used as absorption element.

Advantages of absorption chillers

  • Reliability and durability
  • Economical operation as the device doesn’t consume electric energy

Disadvantages of absorption chillers

  • High price
  • Big size (compared to other chillers)

Steam compression chillers

Парокомпрессионный чиллер с воздушным охлождением фирмы TICAOperating principle of these chillers is compression type of cooling. Internal design of steam compression chillers is a closed system that consists of:

  • Compressor;
  • Flow control device;
  • Evaporator;
  • Condenser

The refrigerant, going through the system, constantly boils and then condenses, thus cooling the room. Steam compression chillers are divided into several types.

Internal chillers of air cooling with axial fans

Such chillers are typically installed indoor. In this case the air supplies and removes from the system by means of air ducts. Centrifugal fans built in the system are used to move air curtains.

One of the main advantages is the absence of outdoor units. Such chiller can be used all year round, regardless of ambient temperature.


  • Heavy expanses;
  • Requires much free space for installation.

Outdoor chillers of air cooling with axial fans

They are ideal for outdoor installation. Some powerful axial fans are used for intensive condenser cooling.


  • Can be installed on the roof or any free spaces.


  • Drain of used water from evaporator.

Chillers with remote condenser

Like previous models, they are installed indoor. However, the condenser in this case is installed outdoor. The condenser is connected with chiller by means of pipeline.

Reversive chillers

Operating principle is similar to convenient air conditioners “winter-summer”. This means that chiller can cool and heat the air.

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