Repair of input ventilation. Input ventilation is the type of mechanical ventilation, which supplies the room with fresh air due to blowing of air mass devices. This function performs fans of different type and capacity. By the way, such a system is also used for cleaning and heating of the supply air.

Air exchange is often disturbed in such kind of ventilation system. It means that the speed of air flow is reduced, accordingly, there is a lack of fresh air in the room.

Any case, if you noticed any malfunctions during the operation of ventilation system or its efficiency became to reduce, please contact the specialists immediately. Create the favorable atmosphere in the premise. Comfortable condition and fresh air in the room have a positive impact on the man’s health.

There is a list of services that must be carried out when repairing input ventilation:

  • Filters cleaning
  • Replacement of filtering parts and fans
  • Diagnostics of housing and its corrosion parts
  • Inspection and replacement of bearing parts, driving belts and grids
  • Fans repair
  • Repair of electric motors

This list includes more common procedures that must be implemented during the repair of ventilation system. Of course, there are many other types of malfunctions. It is also important to take into account how long the equipment had been used. Timely diagnostics and maintenance allows preventing the premature functional loss, and accordingly save on the replacement of damaged elements and extend the service life of input ventilation.

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