Input ventilation provides supply of fresh air. It is used together with exaust ventilation system and creates effective air exchange in residential and industrial buildings.

Equipment failure inevitably leads to negative consequences.

Repair of input ventilation: types of work

One of the most common equipment failure is improper air exchange. This means that air flow rate is reduced. If your ventilation system stopped performing properly, it is time to contact specialists, as comfortable staying in the room depends on the quality of the air.

Repair of input ventilation includes such services as:

  • filters cleaning;
  • filters and fans fasteners replacement;
  • diagnostic and replacement of bearings, driving belts and grilles;
  • fans repair;
  • repair of electric motor.

This list includes only the most common services provided by our service center. Service life of the equipment depends on the quality of installation, observance щof operating rules, timely maintenance service. Timely diagnostic and and repair prevents premature failure and extends service life of ventilation system.

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