Fitting is an essential component of any ventilation system. Our company manufactures steel fittings of any type – bends, T-piece, four-way piece, end caps, collars, tapers etc. To order our products, call us: (98) 128 42 00; (71) 207 33 32; (98) 128 04 02

Types of fittings

We produce standard and nonstandard  fittings for round and rectangular ducts. Our products are distinguished by durability, resistance to mechanical shock and corrosion.

  • Bend is designed for smooth change of system direction. We make 90°, 60°, 45°, 30° and 15° bends. The most popular type is so called half normal bend (90° and 45°). There are several ways of connection: joint flange by means of flange and corner or welded corner, as well as flangeless connection (by means of joint slide profiles).
  • Four-way piece is used for creation of ventilation system and formation of branch connections. Rectangular four-way piece can be fitted both rectangular and round tie in. Tie in can be installed at different angle. Galvanized steel with thickness of 0,5-1 mm is usually used for production.

Sides of four-way piece can be the same or different diameter (depends on the diameter of air duct). Tubes are connected to four-way pieces by means of connectors. Special tape or sealant are used to provide airtightness.

  • T-piece ike a four-way piece is designed for formation of branch connection of ventilation system in vertical or horizontal direction. Ducts are connected to round or rectangular tie-in at an angle 45° or 90°. Diameter of straight section is 100-1250 mm.

We can make nonstandard T-piece. Just tell us your necessary parameters, such as T-piece length, tie in height, diameter of straight section. T-piece is connected with air duct by menas of flange, connector or rubber sealant.

  • Transition piece changes the ductwork shape from rectangular to round. Length of product is different – 300 mm (if the perimeter of transition is not more than 2500 mm) and 500 mm (if the fitting perimeter is more than 2500 mm)ю

There are different types of transitions – one sided, off-center and central with flange or nipple joint. When ordering a transition for round duct, you should indicate such parameters as length and diameter of the fitting.

  • Saddle is mounted on one side of the duct. Note! The side to which the saddle will be fixed must be 50mm larger than the fitting. Bfore coupling two parts, the joint is sealed by menas of silicone.

Standard length of the saddle is 30 mm, diameter – 100-1250 mm. When ordering a saddle, indicate diameter and length of air duct (if you need a saddle of nonstandard length).

  • Nipple. Main function of this fitting is the coupling ducts with fittings and formation of ventilation system. Nipple is made of galvanized steel with thickness of 0,55-1,2 mm.

Standard nipple length is 140 mm (D up to 500 mm), 180 mm (D up to 900 mm), 200 mm (D up to 1250 mm). Special rubber selant is used for more tightness.

  • Collar is used for coupling air ducts and other parts of ventilation system. The difference is only that the collar compared to nipple is put on the fitting from above.

We make collars both standard (100-1250 мм) and nonstandard size. Length also varies. The most popular size is from 140 to 180 mm. When ordering, you should indicate the diameter and general length.

Steel fittings for air ducts

Do you want to order fittings for ventilation system but don’t know who to apply for? Our company manufactures fittings of standard and nonstandard size! You just need to indicate necessary parameters – length, diameter, angle of slope, height.

Encounter a problem when indicating parameters? Our specialista are always at your services! Send us a project design of your ventilation system and we will calculate costs.

When ordering a large batch of steel products, we offer a discount. All our products are made of high quality galvanized steel.

Our company offers a wide range of additional services. Besides production of ventilation ducts, we also specialize in:

  • design of HVAC system;
  • sale of industrial air conditioners;
  • installation of chillers, fan coil units, heating boilers;
  • diagnostics, repair and maintenance of precision air conditioners, ventilation systems, industrial boilers, refrigerating and freezing units.

We own automation production line and experienced specialists that allows us to guarantee a high quality of performed services and meeting deadline.

If you want to buy high quality air ducts at the lowest proce in Tashkent, call our company! (98) 128 42 00; (71) 207 33 32; (98) 128 04 02

We work all over Uzbekistan (Samarkand, Bukhara, Andijan, Navoi, Namangan and other cities).