Two-fuel burners are systems operating on several fuel types. Such burners are also called multi-fuel, combined or universal. They can use two types of fuel, so they operate in a wide range of power.

Depending on owner needs, these types of burners can work separately either on gas or liquid fuel, optimally meeting practically any hot water boilers. This is achieved through complete compatibility of liquid fuel combustion system with gas combustion system. Thus, dual-fuel burners organically combine advantages of both gas and oil burners.

Server Service company specialists professionally carry out service maintenance of a two-fuel burner, which largely affects the normal functioning of boiler equipment of a country house, apartment, etc. Burner equipment belongs to the most dynamic elements of heating systems, these parts are constantly subject to great thermodynamic and temperature loads.

Failure to meet deadlines and untimely servicing of two-fuel burners often results in  boiler starting to work with overloads. Non-optimal operating mode, as a rule, leads to boiler radiators burnout, failure of the burner itself and, as a consequence, to expensive repairs or purchase and installation of new equipment.

It is advisable not to postpone boiler equipment inspection at the beginning of heating season, but to conduct it in the off-season. It should be understood that the loading of service centers in this period is very large and in cold weather one can remain without heating.


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