In conditions of our climate, installation of a heating system is one of the top priorities in the construction of residential and public buildings.

Our company for many years has been designing and installing heating systems for administrative buildings, office and shopping centers, hotels and other facilities. We have a large staff of specialists of different profiles – designers, installers, repairmen and many others. If you need high-quality heating, our masters are at your service!

For office and administrative buildings there are several types of heating systems. It should be noted that each individual room is distinguished by its individual characteristics. In this regard, the best solution to this problem will be to seek help from experts.

Specialists of our company will provide the necessary information, make up the project and perform all necessary installation work, and will provide high-quality service for your heating system in the future.

So, let’s identify the most suitable heating methods for office premises.

Water heating

Basically, in our country heating of residential and office buildings means a system of water heating, the source of which usually becomes an individual boiler or CHP. In local boiler houses, gas boilers are most often used, and as an alternative to them – boilers for diesel fuel.

If you want, for heating offices, you can apply a system – a water-heated floor, which will provide maximum comfort for people. But, it is advisable to plan the installation of this device in buildings under construction, since large expenditures are required to equip in already functioning premises.

Electric heating

For lack of opportunity to install as a source of heat, water heating, use electrical energy. You can use electric floor heating, where instead of a water circuit, an electrical cable is installed in the floor.

You can buy all necessary equipment for an electric floor under our “Product Catalog” section.

Electric convectors are easily mounted on the wall and have a pleasant appearance.

High efficiency has infrared heaters. They are safe and noiseless, and their installation takes a little time. These heaters can be used in combination with other heating systems.

Air heating

If the administrative building is equipped with mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation, it is possible to install heaters directly into the duct system. Air supply will be heated and will enter the premises already warm. Such kind of heating system is very economical if the ventilation system is equipped with a heat recuperator that does not allow warm air to be easily drawn from the room, it returns some of the heat energy back to the room, transferring the heat from the exhaust air to the supply air.

Heaters in the ventilation system can be both electric and water.

Our company quickly and qualitatively installs any heating system, which means it will be warm for you, your employees and visitors even in severe frosts. Do you need heating in a building under construction or already functioning? Call Server Service and our specialists will solve any heating tasks at your facility.

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