Diesel burner installation should take place after the boiler has been correctly installed, and chimney is properly equipped. Burner operation will be more stable if there is a return flow of fuel line. It is highly desirable to install a fuel filter. Diesel burners divide for – one- and two-stage types, as well as smoothly modulated, with the most common single-stage burners. The burner’s power is adjusted manually from maximum to minimum, it must necessarily correspond to boiler’s power, which depends on nozzle included in burner kit. Approximate settings parameters indicated in burner instructions. For proper burner configuration, you also need a gas analyzer for flame color and burner noise. Installation of diesel burner must be carried out after all fuel lines have been cleaned. It is necessary to prevent the burner from malfunctioning.
Installation of diesel burner must be carried out by specialists of appropriate qualification, with strict observance of all current technical standards and provisions of manufacturer’s instructions. Personnel installing and servicing the burner must have permits for such work from relevant organizations.

Installation of diesel burner can be carried out with almost any air heaters, hot water boilers and spray booths. Burner consists from a head suitable for most types of generators, a dense alloy casing, a universal multifunction clamp that facilitates installation, a transformer for ignition, a panel and control unit, as a rule, a pump with a special solenoid valve with kit.

Burner is installed, as a rule, on front panel of boiler with help of multifunctional clamp, which ensures compatibility with both new installations and with existing equipment.Before burner is switched on, master must calibrate fuel supply to burner, adjust combustion air supply to ensure combustion efficiency according to established standards, check combustion – formation of unburned gases should not exceed  regulatory limits, check operation of regulators and fuses, check system locking.If burner has a connection to electrical equipment, make sure that the wiring corresponds to maximum burner capacity (according to unit’s passport). Cross sections of cables must correspond to power consumption installation, there should be no multipolar connectors and extension cables. Switch must be all-polar, as required by safety regulations.

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