Heating boilers Ferroli since its creation have firmly established themselves as quality boilers of economy class. In addition to high quality, Ferroli does not disregard the continuous expansion of product range. Today Ferroli produces single-circuit and double-circuit boilers of wall and floor type with different power levels. Over 50 years of Ferroli’s activities have found a way to combine innovative technologies and positive experience of past generations in their products to maximum. Your house will always be warm, very cozy and welcoming with “Ferroli” boilers, and you will be able to pick up the boiler exactly the power that you need for your living space. By the way, to regulate the capacity of the boiler, and accordingly the intensity of heat production can be optional.

In addition, many of the boilers of this company are equipped with capacious boilers that instantly warm up 60 liters of water. If you have a boiler, you will heat the water for a bathroom and kitchen in a matter of seconds. So, the need to pay taxes for hot water, using such a boiler, will disappear automatically. Also, the dependence on the authorities responsible for water supply will be reduced “to nothing”, since hot water is turned off much more often cold, not to mention the fact that hot water has always been worth an order of magnitude more expensive. And remember, how many times has it happened that in the morning, having turned on the hot water, you waited a long time for dozen liters of cold water came down, which, incidentally, you had to pay for, like a hot one?

Repair and maintenance

Of course, such boilers require certain handling rules, timely maintenance, and from time to time – repairs.

The most vulnerable places of Ferroli boilers, as well as all such kind of boilers, are burners and internal mechanisms, which are periodically clogged. Also, the correct primary installation is of great importance, which depends how reliable and long your boiler will last. Incorrect installation usually leads to the fact that internal parts wear out much earlier than the appointed time.

“Server-Servis” company has been working for many years in the field of maintenance, installation and repair of gas boilers of various brands. Among other things, we carry out quality assembly, dismantling, maintenance and repair of Ferroli heating boilers in Tashkent and its region. Our company provides quality assurance for the longest possible period for all services and of course, replaced parts.


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