remont chillera

Chillers repair is one of the main activity areas of Server Service Company. Chiller is an important part of HVAC system. These powerful high-tech refrigeration units consist of many details. That’s why the repair must be impelemented by qualified specialists.

Chillers differ by power level – from air conditioning for cottage and to multi-storey residential and office buildings. Chillers cool or heat coolant and feed it to fan coil unit heat exchanger.

Causes of chiller failure

There are many causes of chiller failure: untimely maintenance service, violation of rules during operation, deterioration of parts.

If you noticed one of these symthoms during operation, it is time to make use of sepcialists services. So these symptoms are: starting switch failure, low or high level of refrigerant, water pump failure, high consumption of hot water, too high or low pressure.

Chillers repair: kind of work

  • equipment diagnostic;
  • failure detection;
  • parts replacement;
  • test of operation system;
  • units cleaning;
  • refueling;
  • disinfection.

If you need a chiller repair, just call Server Service! We will quickly restore serviceability of the entire system and provide and official guarantee for repair.

Server Service Company provides services for repair of chillers and other indutrial equipment. Our qualified specialists will do their best to solve a problem. They will:

  • analyze operation of the whole system;
  • detect a cause of failure;
  • replace broken details;
  • restore tightness;
  • repair electromechanical parts and control boards;
  • clean and disinfect internal parts of refrigeration unit.

Chiller repair is a responsible task. Specialists of our company use  breakthrough technologies and specialized modern equipment.

We are happy to help you to carry out the repair of the chillers at your plant or production and we will be glad to see you among our customers, guaranteeing effective results of our cooperation!

If you need a chilelr repair in Uzbekistan, you just need to call us.

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