Smoke exhaust ducts are designed to remove combustion products from the building and supply fresh air. Technical specifications and rules of installation must comply with SNiP.

That’s why the production, design and installation of such system must be implemented by professionals.

Functionality of smoke exhaust ducts

  • fire alarm;
  • smoke removal;
  • fire evacuation;
  • carrying out of measures to rescue people and fire fighting;
  • prevention of ignition of materials and equipment due to high temperature.

Smoke exhaust ducts: types and specifications

Emergency ventilation is able to work in such difficult conditions as ultra high temperature and agressive combustion products. The other factor that negatively impacts the performance of ventilation system is downtime of equipment for a long time that leads to clogging of ventilation system.

Structurally smoke exhaust ducts are similar to conventional ventilation ducts.

Usually S and N ducts are used for creation of emergency ventilation.

N ducts are installed in the buildings with low level of fire hazard (C nad D category).

S ducts are characterized by air tightness and reliablity. They are ususally installed in the rooms of C and D category (high level of fire danger). There is a combustible dust admixture that ignites at +28 °С.

Smoke exhaust ducts are divided into:

  • Round ducts that characterized by economical operation and airtightness. This is the most common used type for creation of emergency ventilation.
  • Rectangular ducts are noisy during operation and have low aerodynamic resistance, but they are more compact and blend in with interior.

As for material, smoke exhaust ducts are usually made of carbon steel. Such steel is durable, resistant to corrosion, agressive chemical substances and ultra high temperature.

Depending on operating principle, there are 2 types of smoke exhaust ducts:

  • Static. After receiving high level of carbon dioxide alarm, the system automatically blocks the air flow from outside. This prevents smoke from spreading to other rooms. Disadvantage of this type is that during fire evacuation there is a risk to get injured.
  • Dynamic. In this case ventilation system works in the mode “emergency”. Main functions – removal of exhaust air and supply of fresh air. As the result the level of smokiness is reduced but the fire continues spreading. Main purpose of dynamic smoke exhaust ventilation system is safety of people during the fire evacuation.

Production and installation of smoke exhaust ducts in Tashkent

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Observance of SNiP, high quality consumable materials and automation production line allows us to produce large volume of products in short notice.

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