electrodnii kotel 1 0Electrode boiler – is one of the modern representatives of electric heating equipment. Its distinctive feature is the lack of heating element (heat-exchanger), block with electrodes is used instead of it. Relatively recently, electrode boilers were used to heat ordinary inhabitants. Previously, these boilers heated the military facilities.

 How does it work?

Water in electrode boiler is heated by ions, which quickly move between electrodes. After switching on the boiler, the molecules of water (coolant) break down into positive and negative ions, which in turn are directed to the electrodes with the corresponding pole. At the same time, heat is generated, which takes over the coolant.

What is special about it?

Water in ion boiler requires special preparation: in order to obtain an electrical resistance of proper value, food salt is added to it. The reason lies in the fact that initially these boilers were calculated to work with sea water. By the way, to heat distilled water, using this boiler will not succeed.

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  • Efficiency of electrod boiler is 100%
  • Powerful and compact device
  • Automatic controller maintains given temperature. It reduces the consumption of electric energy
  • The device is able to rise pressure in a heating circuit
  • Voltage drop doesn’t stop functioning of ionic boiler. Only power is changed
  • Such way of heating is environmentally friendly


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  • Electrode boiler operates only with alternate current. Direct current leads to electrolysis of heat carrier.
  • Voltage drop leads to electrods wear. It means that they need a regular replacement.
  • It is necessary to control electric conductivity of heat carrier.
  • Scale formation on electrodes reduces the boiler cpacity
  • Precense of grounding is necessary
  • Desirable temperature of the boiler is not more than 75 C
  • Electrode boiler is more suffered the corrosion in comparison with other types of boilers.


Selecting a radiator for a system with an ion boiler, it is necessary to clarify how much it consumes the coolant. After determining the number of consumed liters from one radiator, you need to calculate the total number of liters, relying on the required number of radiators. Huge volumetric heating devices will spend more than 10 liters of heat carrier, so they will not work for us. Approximately 8 liters of coolant should flow into a kilowatt of power.

To start the ion boiler requires an ammeter or load clamp. But you will not be able to put the equipment into operation. The reason lies in this. Only a specialist knows what extent to lower the ohmic resistance of water so that the conductivity of the liquid rises to the appropriate level. Among other things, there should be necessary devices at hand to check the conductivity of the coolant, which varies during operation.

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