Ремонт лёдогенераторов в УзбекистанеServer Service repairs both household ice makers and large industrial devices. Our specialists fully diagnose and repair your ice maker in the shortest possible time regardless of its type (flake ice generator, ice cone or cylinder generator, ice cubes generator or any other).

From the beginning, ice makers were professional equipment for bars and restaurants, but now ice makers are used in shops, food production and even in warehouses (ice made by ice makers is used for transport of fast-spoiling products in uncooled vehicles). Ice-makers are built in household refrigerators, every day they are used by an increasing number of people.

As a rule, ice makers are connected to water source – thanks to this and availability of special automation, ice maker automatically replenishes ice reserves with their decrease.

Household ice makers are devices intended for making ice (cubes, less often cylinders) for household needs. Such ice makers are often built into expensive models of refrigerators, but there are also separate devices. Household ice makers are used in small bars, where is no need for large quantities of ice.

лёдогенераторыIce makers, intended for shops, produce pellets and ice flakes, such ice is the most in demand in stores. Ice granules are decorated with showcases of meat products and sea delicacies, scales are more often used for showcases with fresh fish. Such design allows the products to look presentable, emphasizes their freshness and helps the products stay fresh longer. Using flake ice allows you to attract more customers to the store and improve the quality of offered products. In most cases, ice generators do not connect to central water supply system – for ice production, you need to regularly fill the necessary amount of water in a special container.

There are many subtleties of decorating showcases with ice – you can use pink lighting in showcase with meat, pink color is beautifully refracted in ice particles and emphasizes the high quality of meat (meat of young animals has light-pink colour),  blue lighting is used for showcases with fish, passing through the ice flakes, the blue color looks like the sea, which emphasizes the freshness of the fish.

Industrial ice-makers

This type of ice generators regularly operate in thousands of industrial enterprises around the world. Industrial ice generators are separated into a separate class of ice makers – this is due to differences in their design. Such ice generators can produce up to 20-30 tons of ice per day.

Industrial ice-makers are used in following spheres:

Meat processing industry.

Ремонт лёдогенератора в Ташкенте

In meat-processing industry, ice generators are used to maintain a low temperature of meat mass, which is used for making sausages. Without ice generators, it is difficult to do with production of minced meat and the storage of large animal carcasses.

Fish processing industry.

Industrial ice makers are used to maintain the optimum temperature when storing fish and seafood. Ice has a great cooling efficiency.

Bread making industry

Ice in bakery industry is used to quickly freeze the dough. If dough is not cooled down in time, the yeast will not allow the dough to be stored (the yeast will perish and the dough will be spoiled).

Pharmaceutical industry.

Ice generators are needed to freeze plasma, blood, and preserve donor organs. Not one refrigeration machine can cope with it better than ice.

Name of repair works for ice makers:

  • Installation of ice maker in Uzbekistan
  • Ice maker disassembling
  • Minor repairs (without ice maker disassembling)
  • Repair of electrical wiring
  • Replacing a part without dismantling
  • Elimination of clog in plumbing connections
  • Repair of ice maker in Uzbekistan


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