Flexible connector is a flexible element designed for attenuation of hydraulic impact and noise in the pipeline system. This compnent also protects tubes from negative impacts of pressure drop and temperature of operating medium.

Equipment purpose

Flexible connector significantly increases service life of pipeline that allows to be used in complex conditions (high temperature and pressure).

Flexible connectors are designed to work with such mediums as nonaggressive fluid, water (hot or cold), air.

Operating temperature varies from -40 °С to +110 °С. Pressure – from 1,0 mPa to 1,6 mPa. This fitting consists of silphon (flexible element) and flanges. Silphon is made of heat-resistant rubber. In most cases, flexible element is made of EPDM, HNBR, FPM, CR, CSM. Sometimes flanges are equipped with limiters that decrease loading on the connector.

Features and scope of application

Flexible connector is unrepairable device. Specialists recommend to carry out leak check and screws fixation once a month.

Pay attention that it is forbidden to paint the device. This may negatively impacts the silphon material. In order to clean the surface of flexible connector, it is recommended to use weak-alkaline soap solution.

Devices are widely used in:

  • conditioning, ventilating and heating systems;
  • installation of pumps and compressors;
  • paper, chemical and metallurgic industry;
  • shipbuilding industry.

Flexible connector is an essential component in HVAC system, instalaltion of pump equipment and radiators.

Advantages of flexible connectors

  • ease of instalaltion and use;
  • high level of thermal insulation;
  • can be used at high temperature;
  • compact size;
  • reliable protection of pipeline system from damage.

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High qaulity flexible connectors in Tashkent

Our catalogue presents flexible connectors of different diameter (from 50 to 150 DN.)

Technical specifications:

  • working pressure – 1.6 mPa;
  • length – 105-180mm;
  • axial length – 7-12mm;
  • axial compression – 10-20mm;
  • angular displacement – 15°.

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