Дизельный двухконтурный котел Kovi

Boiler equipment on diesel fuel – rarely used in our country, but the most popular method in Europe is heating a private house. Diesel heating, as well as 2-circuit (with possibility of hot water supply at home), boilers are most attractive for heating houses that are not connected to gas pipeline. They provide:

  • Low operating costs (diesel fuel is certainly more expensive than gas, but much cheaper than solid fuel and electricity).
  • Ease of operation (there is no need to manually load fuel, you can leave the house for a long time without supervision)
  • High fire safety (modern diesel boilers are well protected against fire, in addition diesel fuel has much greater fire safety than gasoline or gas).
  • High system autonomy (you do not depend on electricity or gas supply – with an average consumption of diesel fuel of 1 liter per hour, you can always make a reserve for the whole autumn-winter period).
  • In addition, the diesel boiler can easily be converted to gas – this requires only burner changing.

Service maintenance of heating boilers operating on diesel fuel is a mandatory part of operation, timely maintenance is a guarantee of long and trouble-free operation of any boiler equipment. To ignore the service of boiler equipment is not only not profitable – in some cases it is dangerous for life (this also applies to diesel boilers).

Servicing of diesel heating boiler requires not only a deep knowledge of this type of heating boilers device, but also practical master experience, as well as special scouring equipment and quality tools that you probably do not have. That’s why the high-quality boiler servicing is not cheap. But it’s worth it, because modern heating boiler is much more expensive, and timely maintenance can prolong its service life in several times.

Server Service company employs the best specialists in boiler equipment in Uzbekistan. They are able to fix any heating boiler, and with service they can cope even with their closed eyes! Do not expose yourself, your home and your loved ones to danger – take care of your heating boiler and trust its service only to professionals!


Maintennace of heating diesel boiler includes:
  1. Boiler cleaning.
  2. Burner cleaning.
  3. Check tightness of tanks expansion of heating and water supply system.
  4. Checking pumps, servo drives, relief valve, emergency sensors operation.
  5. Automation testing.
  6. Checking and adjusting the firing.
  7. Check the pipe connections for leaks.
  8. Check fuel line for tightness.

When you choose boilers for diesel fuel, consult with our specialists who will help you to find the most suitable equipment in accordance with your needs.


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