Installation of controlled atmosphere in cold stores. Storage of vegetables and fruits in a regulated gas environment (CA) is a technology that significantly increases service life of products and maintains its quality.

Proper storage of vegetables and fruits protects them from spoilage and allows you to save food and biological value. Maintaining and improving the quality of harvested crop is becoming an increasingly important task. The market demand for fresh fruits and vegetables of excellent quality is constantly growing.

Principle of storage technology in CA system is in creation of storage environment with certain characteristicso:

  • Temperature regime of storage;
  • Relative air humidity;
  • Composition of atmosphere in storage room, in particular, content of oxygen and carbon dioxide in it.

Oxygen content in usual atmosphere is about 21%, 78% nitrogen, 0.03% carbon dioxide.

In regulated atmosphere, compared to storage in ordinary air, the fruit quality is better preserved, green color persists longer, hydrolytic decay processes of protopectin are slowed down (fruits last longer, remain solid). CO2 and oxygen also affect the biosynthesis of ethylene in fruits and its biological effect on maturation processes.

It is extremely important to correctly calculate and select refrigeration equipment (cooling circuit, cooling capacity, air exchange rate, surface and technical characteristics of air coolers, air speed and many other aspects).

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