Приточная вентиляция в УзбекистанеFresh air ventilation is a reliable and effective method of continuously receiving fresh air in residential premises and offices. When using fresh air ventilation, fresh air enters the rooms through a system of external air intakes and ducts. Modern supply and ventilation equipment is equipped not only with air blowers (fans), but also with filters for cleaning fresh air from dust and harmful impurities, it is able to heat or cool the air supplied to the room.

The ventilation is not capable to remove exhaust air from the building, it supplies fresh air, and excess air is eliminated naturally – through open windows and unsealed doors, or with a separate exhaust ventilation system (simple ventilation shafts without the use of exhaust systems).

Приточная вентиляция в ТашкентеServer Service employs experienced engineers who will design a reliable and efficient supply air system for you, which will serve you for many years. We design ventilation for a separate room (for example for a small pool or sports hall), as well as for large residential, industrial and office buildings.

For our projects of air-supply ventilation systems, we use ventilation equipment from the world’s leading brands, such as: VTS, Belimo, Dospel, VBW, Ventrex and other brands.

Specialists of our company not only design ventilation systems, we supply high-quality ventilation equipment to Uzbekistan, installation of ventilation systems, service maintenance and repair of ventilation systems.

Do you need high-quality air supply? We will prepare for you a draft ventilation system that will take into account all the features of your building and any your wishes.

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