Ice skating rinks are very popular as skating is one of the most interesting winter entertainment in the whole world. In Uzbekistan this entertainment is only beginning to gain popularity as for a very long time there were no ice rinks here.

Server-Service company supplies refrigerating equipment and construction of ice rinks all over Uzbekistan. It is not at all difficult to build an ice rink in Uzbekistan and such kind of business will necessarily be successful, at least because of small number of competitors, and because skating is very fun and interesting. If you want to open a public skating rink for everyone to ride it, or if you need to build a professional sports complex for figure skating or hockey – Server Service will help you.

Let’s overview ice rinks types.

Ice rinks in open air

An excellent option for regions with negative air temperature in winter. This option is considered the least expensive at the stage of rink construction.

In Uzbekistan, an open-air skating rink is very difficult for realizing because of the warm weather even in winter. Of course, you can realize such kind of rink, but the cost of ice maintaining will be much higher than in an indoor rink. If you are not afraid of costs – Server Service company will build such a rink for you.

Rink under air bearing structure

This design has tent shape form – the directed air flows inside of the structure, and keeps the walls and ceiling. The most popular in Uzbekistan ice rink is ice rink located in “Furkat” park, which is made precisely by this principle.

Advantages of rink under air bearing structure:

  • Minimum price in comparison with other types of structures;Low construction and implementation time;
  • Mobility of structure, the possibility of dismantling it for a summer period or moving to a new location;
  • Simplified procedure for issuance of all permits;
  • The construction of this type is classified as temporary.


Our company will supply all necessary equipment and build an air-supporting structure for your ice skating rink. And we will also install all necessary equipment to maintain necessary temperature parameters in room where the ice arena is located. In addition, our company can take care of refrigeration equipment, and if necessary,  make it quick repair.

Ice rinks under metal construction

You can also place skating rinks in administrative buildings, sports or shopping and entertainment centers.

Such rollers require more expenses at the implementation stage, as higher requirements for thermal insulation, ventilation and recovery are imposed on such premises. In addition, if you do not buy a building and do not build it, but rent it, there is a possibility that next year you will not be able to rent the same space and the rink will have to be organized somewhere else. This can adversely affect the number of visitors.

Server Service company’s recommendations and warranties

Our company recommends taking care of rink is not moved to another location, since frequent transportation of equipment can shorten its service life.

All equipment for ice rinks supplied by our company is of high quality, it will serve you for many years, because manufacturer’s recommendations and timely service are observed.

We provide our services all over Uzbekistan. And if you want to build an ice skating rink in Uzbekistan, we will do it for you.