Ventilation of industrial objects. Industrial ventilation represents the process of organizing necessary air exchange in industrial premises, it is ventilation of large objects with high airflow, industrial quantity of supplied heat and cold.

Ventilation is air exchange in rooms for removing excess heat, moisture, and harmful substances in order to ensure acceptable meteorological conditions and clean air in  served area.

In distriction from air conditioners, ventilation systems are installed in all residential and office buildings. The availability of ventilation systems is so important that the requirements for their technical characteristics have force of law and are prescribed in the Building Norms and Rules (BNaR). This is due to the fact that in the absence of ventilation in enclosed spaces, the concentration of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances increases. That negatively affects people’s health, causes headache, drowsiness, loss of efficiency.

Server Service company performs calculations, design, installation, repair and maintenance of industrial ventilation systems.

We employ highly qualified specialists who professionally solve problems associated with industrial ventilation.

All work on the design and installation of industrial ventilation are carried out in accordance with BNaR.

In designing and installing industrial ventilation, we use equipment from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. And if necessary, we can supply equipment for ventilation of industrial facilities from other countries.