Stop valve is designed to shut off working medium in the pipeline system. There is a wide choice of stop valves, functioning in the mode “open-closed”.

Stop valve: scope of application

Pipe fittings are used in different field of industry:

  • conditioning, ventilation and heating systems;
  • chemical and oil refining industry;
  • atomic energetics;
  • mineral and metallurgic industry;
  • food industry;
  • agricultural industry.

Classification and features

Stop valve is designed to work with such mediums as steam, water, fuel, gas. Typically products are made of brass, cast iron or stainless steel.

Type of stop valve depends on:

  • shut off method;
  • scope of application;
  • control method;
  • consumable material;
  • installation method.

There are many types of stop valves: energetic, cryogen, steam-water, ventilating, as well as flanged, threaded, welded and choke.

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Pipeline fitting

 High quality items are characterized by:

  • airtightness;
  • ease of operation;
  • ease of repair;
  • reliability;
  • resistance to corrosion. pressure drop and freezing.

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  • balance valves;
  • butterfly valves;
  • threaded check valves;
  • interflanged filters;
  • flexible connectors.

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