Y-strainer is designed for mechanical purification of wokring medium from pollution. Typically installed on the pipelines of household and industrial purpose.

Mechanical method of filtration effectively cleans tubes from corrosion, dust particles, metal chips, sand, stones and other mechanical impurities.

Y-stariner is designed for primary purification of gas, water and steam. This gate valve is a basic component of pipeline system.

Scope of application

Y-strainers are designed for operation with different mediums. They are mounted on:

  • hot and cold water supply systems;
  • steampipe (up to 300 °С);
  • condenser plant;
  • water supply system;
  • inactive gas pipeline;
  • water intake system.

Besides, Y-strainers are able to work with antifreeze, oil products and inactive gas impurities.


Types of Y-strainers

There are different types of Y-strainers: straight and curved. The first ones are mounted on the straight sections of pipeline, the second ones are general purpose. Straight Y-strainers are more reliable.

Depending on the place of location, Y-strainers are divided into collared and flanged. The first ones are ease of use. They are easily connected to the pipe and fixed with bolts. Flanged filters are more convenient, as they are easily removed and cleaned.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications depend on the model. But there is something common:

  • operaing medium – water, gas, nonaggressive fluid;
  • desirable temperature condition;
  • operating pressure – up to 40 mPa;
  • diameter – from 50 to 300 DN;
  • material – cast iron and stainless steel.

Y-strainer consists of body made of cast iron and mesh made of stainless steel.

Advantages of Y-strainers

Our catalogue presents Y-strainers designed for tubes ranging from 80 to 150 DN. Products prevent pumps and heat exchangers from premature failure.


  • high efficient operation;
  • long service life;
  • wide range of temperature parameters;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • air tightness;
  • resistance to corrosion.

Basic components also include magnetic insertion and drain plug. Y-strainers are typically mounted on pipelines through which water or gas are circulated.

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