Diesel burners are a device that mixes oxygen with fuel, then feeds mixture to the hole and burns it, forming a steady flame. In addition to the fuel heating system, burners have built-in automation of ignition and combustion control.
Certainly, today the most common type of burners is gas burners. But in the absence of gas pipeline, it becomes necessary to install boilers with diesel burners. Boilers with oil-fired, diesel burners are an effective solution for significantly reducing costs for air heating of premises. Disadvantage is only availability of a special room with a hood, as well as a voluminous tank for storing diesel fuel reserves.

Diesel burners are produced in two types – single-stage burners and two-stage burners. Single-stage burners are immediately switched on full power. Two-stage liquid fuel burners work at their full power gradually: first of is the first stage, then the second.

Service maintenance of diesel burners prevents critical situations that disrupt optimum operation mode, supports economical and safe boiler operation.

These works are performed on agreed schedule and cover:

  • Adjustment (debugging) of burner equipment for safe and optimal functioning.
  • Replacement of worn or non-working parts.
  • Cleaning (replacement) of air and fuel filters.
  • Instrumental analysis of waste gases composition.
  • Cleaning components from burner kit.
  • Cleaning the heater from soot

When servicing diesel burners, our specialists use professional expensive equipment, which makes it possible to make an accurate analysis of gas-off composition. This makes it possible to accurately optimize the combustion of fuel during the adjustment of burner equipment, and, consequently, to ensure high efficiency of the boiler operation.

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