приточно-вытяжная вентиляционная система для бассейнов с осушением обогревом и охлаждением воздухаIndoor swimming pool is a complex engineering structure that requires many additional devices. In order to make this pool comfortable you need high-quality supply and exhaust ventilation and air dehumidification systems; In summer it is necessary to cool the air – and simple domestic air conditioner will not work for these purposes (you will not like it when after a swim you will be struck by a cold air jet from air conditioner). It is necessary to maintain  water temperature in the pool at comfortable level (about +22 – +32°C). Until now, separate devices were used for all these purposes – they occupied a lot of space, were expensive and inconvenient to use.

There are compact, reliable and inexpensive multifunctional ventilation units for swimming pools on the market now. They contain:

  • Supply and exhaust ventilation system
  • High-production air drier
  • Supply of air conditioning system
  • Heating of air and water in pool
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Control electronics. They maintain set temperature values of water and air, humidity, oxygen level in the air and other parameters.

Server Service company offers some of the best installations of this type – compact QH installations. They areвентиляционная система с осушением подогревом и охлаждением воздуха suitable for swimming pools of small and medium size, occupy very little space and can be installed directly in the pool.

For large public and sports pools, QW series are suitable. Such installations are characterized by high performance, reliability and compact size.

Our company offers a wide range of installations of this type, among which everyone can choose the right model. We guarantee the European quality, long service life and high reliability of all our products.

Вентиляция бассейна в Узбекистане