Input-exhaust ventilation system is a multifunctional unit designed for creation of effective air exchange, as well as filtration and heating of the air.

It is recommended to install input-exhaust ventilation system on the stage of projecting or general repair of the building.

Basic components of input-exhaust ventilation system include:
  • supply and exhaust fans
  • supply and exhaust filters
  • water or electric heater
  • supply and exhaust valves
  • silencer
  • some input-exhaust ventilation systems are equipped with recuperator.

Installation of input-exhaust ventilation system is carried out together with automation unit and air handling. Additional devices for even air distribution and removal of exhaust air are also installed.

In order to get high efficient ventilation system, it is necessary to make accurate technical calculations, develop project documentation and select a suitable equipment.

The performance and durability of ventilation system depends on the quality of installation.

Specialists of our company have a great experience in the design and installation of any ventilation systems. We also provide services for repair and maintenance service of input-exhaust ventilation system.

Installation works include the following services:
  • selection of high efficienct ventilation equipment;
  • competent calculation and development of tubes drawing;
  • design and installation of ventilation system;
  • check of leak tightness and test of the system in different modes;
  • to put into commission ventilation system and adjust operating parameters.

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