Floor boilers are usually installed in special utility or boiler rooms, what allows them to have large dimensions and weight. Floor boilers concealment from others eyes causes their simple design and lack of special forms aesthetics. The use of floor-standing boilers in special rooms, where space is mostly always sufficient, allows accessories supplementing and additional equipment (heat exchangers, boilers, automatics, etc.), which with a reliable boiler guarantee almost eternal service life of  floor boiler. In addition to the above, there are still indisputable advantages in choosing a floor boiler, such as the ability to work in systems with natural circulation, energy independence (work without electricity) and a wide range of capacities of 10 or more kilowatts.

For floor gas boilers installation, our specialists perform following operations: preparing of chimney pipe outwards outlet, equipment installing on the floor (installation site must be smooth, made of non-flammable structures), connection to  water supply system (all filters and nozzles included during connection, ball valves are mounted on them), connections to electrical network, chimney pipe, gas pipeline network.


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