Вентиляция бассейна в УзбекистанеServer Service company offers services for the design and installation of pool ventilation.

Our company has been designing and constructing ventilation systems for many years. In the course of our activity we have designed and installed many ventilation systems for swimming pools. We deal with ventilation systems for small pools in private houses and for public swimming pools.

One of the problems during the swimming pools construction is high level of humidity. Excessive humidity is harmful for man’s health. It can cause the moldiness and various microorganisms formation. Our experts will develop for you a quality ventilation system with air dehumidification. Such ventilation will help maintain a comfortable level of humidity at any time of the year.

What should be considered when designing the ventilation of the pool:

  • Premises area and water surface area;
  • Air volume in the pool;
  • Temperature of air and water in the pool;
  • Maximum number of people swimming in the pool at the same time;
  • The temperature difference between air in the street and in the pool;
  • The level of air humidity in the street;
  • Will the water in the pool be chlorinated, or be disinfected by another method.

Tips for developing ventilation for the pool

Установка системы вентиляции бассейна в ТашкентеWhen building swimming pools, people often forget about ventilation systems. Without a good ventilation system, the pool will not be comfortable, and in some cases even dangerous. Ventilation for the pool is best designed at the same time as the pool itself. The proper location of the ventilation ducts depends on its effectiveness.

In our practice, there were many cases when a person recalled the ventilation system only when the pool itself was almost ready. In such cases it is necessary to build ventilation according to the residual principle. But this does not mean that ventilation will turn out to be less qualitative. In this case the price for such ventilation system will increase significantly. The air flow must be at the bottom of the pool, and if there is no room left for it, you have to use much more powerful ventilation systems.


Don’t forget: When designing the ventilation for the pool, it is necessary to take into account the method of water disinfection in the pool! When using chlorination, ventilation should have a high power – as chlorine vapor is harmful to human health.


Advantages of our company:

1. All our specialists have extensive experience in the field of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Qualification of our designers allows us to develop projects for ventilation systems of swimming pools of any complexity. They will quickly develop a project taking into account all nuances and features of your building, government standards and, of course, customer wishes.
2. Installation of pool ventilation systems is carried out by qualified assemblers. The consumables and components of the highest quality are used for installation.
3. We provide a guarantee for all our work. The ventilation developed and installed by us will serve you for many years.

If you want to build a swimming pool or to install ventilation for an existing pool, contact Server Service. We will help you.

Вентиляция бассейна в Узбекистане


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