Установка холодильных комнатServer Service Company is pleased to offer you the most interesting and fresh solutions for cold stores installation. A great and successful experience of work in prestigious areas and elite places comes from understanding the complexity of assigned tasks, trust and customer status. Cooperation with a number of the most prestigious institutions has given us invaluable experience in serving VIP class clients.

Some remoteness from the places of purchasing quality products or the lack of the opportunity to make purchases every day, as well as the cohabitation of several families or regular conduct of receptions, presuppose the presence of a large number of refrigeration equipment. The most vivid and individual solution in this area is the storage of products in so-called cold stores (analogue of refrigerated warehouses and freezing warehouses).

The main difference between refrigerating rooms and conventional refrigerating chambers is the possibility of a wide choice of methods for placing products, the use of lighting, sliding racks, the use of decorative coatings to obtain the necessary interior, the use of sliding, sliding doors with double, mirror or stained glass windows, etc.

When using refrigerated rooms, it becomes possible to select a separate type of storage for each type of product, use the space most radically, make the process of visiting the refrigerator the most pleasant and comfortable.

Maintenance of the right temperature in cold store is carried out with high-quality and high-tech equipment, which has the best indices for lack of vibration and noise level and having small dimensions. Exceptional convenience and reliability is provided by the newest control system for refrigeration equipment, which allows you to adjust the set parameters with maximum clarity.

Cold stores for country houses and cottages

Холодильные камеры Server Service company offers the design, installation and commissioning of small-volume refrigerators for country houses and cottages. The specialists of Server Service company provide the possibility to install partitions for dividing the refrigerating rooms into separate parts, additional windows, doors, as well as installing other equipment inside the room at your request.
There are a lot of items in your house that need special storage conditions: from expensive collection wines and fur products to trivial food products. Server Service offers to solve these problems by installing cold stores or specially isolated rooms. Depending on the temperature regime of storage, stores should be divided into medium temperature (+14°С … -5°С) and low-temperature (-5°С … -35°С).

Low-temperature freezer is designed for storing or freezing food products, and a medium-temperature cold store is used for storing or cooling products, fur products, and wine. If necessary, the required humidity can be maintained in the rooms.

Cold stores are equipped with modern refrigeration units with high-quality control and monitoring systems from the world’s leading manufacturers.