Floor boilers are usually located on the floor, and sometimes on a special platform. It is worth adding here the fact that these boilers differ from wall-mounted ones not only by location – they have another design. Floor boilers appeared before wall-mounted boilers, which were created not so long ago and received wide recognition.

Each species has its advantages and disadvantages. Feasibility of using a particular type of boiler is determined in each specific case. In general, it is worth emphasizing that floor boilers are used for heating large areas or stand-alone structures, wall-mounted boilers are used for heating apartments and small houses.


 НАпольные котлы

 Floor boilers are good for high-quality heating and hot water supply for residential and industrial premises with a large area, and if necessary – heating of stand-alone structures.

List of floor type boiler’s components

Most gas floor standing boilers include:

  • burner;
  • heat exchanger;
  • control panel;
  • 1 or 2 circulated pumps;
  • expansion tank;
  • Protection system for reliable boiler operation;
  • manometer;
  • thermometer;
  • other elements.
Advantages of floor standing boilers:

– The design of combustion camera is created by using modern technologies. It is contributed to the efficient consumption of fuel. And from this increased productivity, and as a result increases the efficiency of heat transfer.

– Suitable for heating premises with any area, can heat several buildings

– A lot of technical possibilities. Modern floor boilers have control means; safety devices. In addition, a gas pressure switch can be used in the kit, which makes it possible to put the boiler in standby mode and automatically start it if the gas starts to flow again.

It is also possible to connect a street temperature sensor. There are models that have 2 temperature control ranges (30-85*C and 30-45*C). Thanks to this, it is possible to operate boilers in the mode of thermal floors.

A room thermostat can be connected to the boilers, it provides a comfortable microclimate in the room. Connecting the device to the low-temperature circuit allows the boiler to work directly on the radiators heating systems and on warm floors. Continuous flame change ensures a regular and long-term operation of the boiler.

– Compressed size (width of single-circuit models from 35 centimeters)
– Practically noiseless operating mode (if using an atmospheric burner)
– Minimum highlights of harmful substances
– If you compare with the wall, they work longer (not less than 10 years).

Manufacturers believe that the reason for this is:
– heat exchangers made of cast iron.
– It is cheaper than the wall
– Safe (located in a separate room)

Disadvantages of floor standing boilers:

– You need a separate room for installing a floor boiler
– It is more difficult to install than a wall-mounted boiler
– Often the strapping elements are not included in delivery
– Automation at a cost can equal the boiler, but in the future it will pay off with fuel economy
– Dependence on energy: interruptions with electricity have a bad effect on automation.

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You can follow our recommendation and carry out service at least once a year, what happens before the heating season begins. So you can avoid a sudden malfunction of the boiler at a time when it’s so warm.

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