Water pump is the equipment designed to provide private houses, residential buildings and industrial workshops with water. There is a wide range of equipment for water transfer, however, the operating concept of all water is similar.

When starting the engine, there is a vacuum in the body. Then water enters a special section and then it enters output fitting and pipeline. Pump capacity in this case plays a key role.

Types of water pumps

Depending on purpose, they are divided into drain, circulated and place of installation for water supply. According to operating principle, they can be of the following types: well pump, borehole pump, self-prime pump and manual pump.

Typically used for water supply of private houses and production workshops, water transfer, firefighting and drainage.

Equipment advantages

Water pumps (regardless of features and size) have a wide range of advantages. So, they are:

  • reliable;
  • easy in operation;
  • easy in installation;
  • high efficient;
  • noiseless during operation.

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