Fan coils are universal heat exchangers, which can be used both in air conditioning systems and in heating systems. Another advantage of these devices is the possibility of using fan coils together with ventilation ducts. In heating systems, fan coils began to receive their distribution recently, but very rapidly. Let’s compare the fan coil units with other heat exchangers used in heating systems:

Type Usage possibility in heating systems Usage possibility in air conditioning systems Usage possibility in ventilation systems Low power consumption Uniform heat distribution
Fan coil + + + + +
Radiators +
Convectors + +
Warm floor + + +

The fan coils are perfect for integrated climate control systems,  no need to install batteries and air conditioners separately – it is better to install a single system that will be used both in winter and summer.

The fan coils can be of two types: 2-pipe fancoils for heating in winter or cooling in summer (the heating/air conditioning modes are switched centrally for the entire building using a gate valve system in the basement);

4-pipe fan coils allow you to connect both cold water for conditioning and hot for heating – each user chooses the mode of operation himself.

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