Our company, “Server Servis Plyus” provides installation, maintenance and repair of heating boilers in Tashkent and Tashkent region.

Our company carries out only post-warranty maintenance and repair of heating boilers, it means, if your boiler broke down during the warranty period of the store and is subject to free repair, then you should contact the service center of the manufacturer or the store where you purchased the boiler.

As a rule, non-warranty repair of heating boilers in such service centers is slightly higher than average market prices for repair of floor equipment.

In the event of boiler failure, you need to contact a qualified specialist and never use the services of unprofessional masters, there is no fact that they will manage to fix the malfunction, but it is likely that such unprofessional interference can lead to an aggravation of the situation.

Our service center has been repairing heating boilers and water heaters for many years. For all this time we have earned a lot of experience and excellent reputation.

We guarantee the quality of all assembly and repair work carried out by our specialists and we confirm this guarantee with appropriate guarantee coupon.

The prices for repair of heating boilers depend on the complexity and time of forthcoming works, as well as on the cost of necessary spare parts, if they are needed. For us, the reputation is very important, so we only install original spare parts or quality analogs, if the originals are not on sale. The prices of repair and installation works in our company are quite accessible and adequate.

You can find out the cost of boiler repair by using the company’s telephones, if you can accurately name the model and cause of malfunction. If not, you need to call a specialist to diagnose your boiler. In case of equipment repair by our specialist, you do not pay for calling a specialist and diagnosing the boiler, but pay only for repair work. If, for some reason, repairs are not carried out (For example: impossibility of repair or inconsistency in the price of repairing the boiler or water heater), then you will need to pay only for diagnostics.

Our specialists have a specialized education and all necessary equipment for qualitative repairs of your heating boiler at first visit.

We carry out installation and repair of boiler equipment of any capacity and any manufacturer quickly and within the shortest possible time.

Call a specialist of our company, and your boiler will serve you for many years.