Steam generators (steam boilers) are used in many industries, but they are used not only in industry – steam is used for cleaning snow and ice, cleaning and washing clothes, cleaning of premises …

Steam generator for laundry

Стиральная машина для прачечной и парогенераторAs you know, clothes need to be washed in warm water – this improves the quality of washing. Household washing machines heat water for washing with electric heating elements, but steam is often used in industrial washing machines. This is related to the costs of electricity for heating water – if a washing machine with a loading capacity of 16 kg (used in small laundries) is equipped with electric heating, its heaters consume 8-12 kW of electricity;

And a washing machine, designed for 500 kg of laundry, consumes 100-150 kW of water for heating. Steam generator allows the use of sources of energy that are cheaper than electricity, for example, natural gas.

Modern washing machines for laundries often have a steaming mode that helps to cope with difficultly washable impurities and shorten the duration of washing process. Steam removes odors from clothes and refreshes it.

Steam is also used after washing –  drying machines also need a coolant. They use steam to heat the drum wherein the laundry is drying.

Steam generator for dry cleaning

The process of dry cleaning for clothes consists of many hotel processes – and in many of them, steam plays a major role.

Паровой пятновыводной стол для химчисткиBefore the process of cleaning clothes in a special chemical cleaning machine, pre-treatment of the most pronounced impurities is carried out. Such processing is done on the stain remover table – with the help of a special pistol connected to the steam generator, the stains are treated with steam, after which they are treated with a chemical mixed with compressed air. Steam helps to remove contaminants, and also heats and moistens dirty areas to increase the efficiency of the chemical.

Heating of chemical cleaning (perchlorethylene) happens with the help of steam,   during clothes cleaning in dry-cleaning machine, – this is necessary for better cleaning. A chemical that absorbs contamination from clothing enters the distiller for cleaning (after cleaning, the chemical is reused), the chemical is purified by heating it to the boiling point followed by cooling. Chemical heating is carried out with steam.

Паровой манекен

After finishing cleaning and drying (at a temperature of + 25°C to +50°C), things are removed from dry cleaning machine – but this is not yet complete. Things are given for inspect – and if there are left untreated spots, they are processed on the stain remover table.

The ironing process begins when the item is completely cleaned and dried. Depending on the type of thing, ironing is done by different methods – either on the ironing table with a steam iron, which is not only heated by steam, but also has a constant steam; Or with ironing press, which also has a constant steam and steam heating.

For jackets, raincoats and coats – use a steam mannequin – a special dummy, consisting of metal frame and put on it a shell in shape of human figure. Shell steam is injected by steam generator, which passes through the smallest shell openings, stripping the thing and giving it the necessary shape, which can not be obtained with the iron.

Steam generator for carpets cleaning

Паровой утюгWhen you vacuum the carpet, of course, it becomes cleaner – but cleaning the carpet from some dirt (for example, spilled coffee or oil stains) with the help of dry cleaning is impossible. Such pollution can certainly be cleaned, carpeted, but this is a very time-consuming and sometimes physically impossible task. Clearing of these spots can be with steam – this requires a special steam generator and a powerful vacuum cleaner. Falling deep into the structure of the carpet (or any other fabric covering), the steam softens and moistens the dirt particles, and thanks to the high temperature, kills the microorganisms in the carpet. After that, it will only be necessary to vacuum the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to collect all the dirt.

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