Чиллеры (Chiller's) на складе в ТшкентеIndustrial refrigeration equipment is used everywhere: it is irreplaceable in factories for some production processes (for example, for soap production), refrigeration equipment is used in cold rooms and refrigerated storages intended for food storage (fruit, meat, fish), freshly cut flowers, untilled skin and fur; in wine cellars and in many other places.

Our company, Server Service has been supplying, installing and repairing industrial refrigeration equipment in Tashkent and abroad for many years. Our company employs top-level specialists, designing refrigerating cameras, industrial refrigeration systems for large and small factories, and refrigerated warehouses of any size. We have graduated masters in installation and repair of industrial refrigeration equipment, which are constantly improving their knowledge in the field of industrial climate and refrigeration equipment.

Комплект холодильного оборудования в ТашкентеDeliveries of industrial equipment tend to take a long time (an average of 3-5 months), and doesn’t force our customers to wait for too long – we have already delivered the most popular refrigeration equipment in our country! In our possession you can find installations for cold rooms and warehouses of various sizes (complete sets of refrigeration equipment); Reliable and quality chillers, used both in factories for production needs, and in shops and offices as part of the air conditioning system. And all this refrigeration equipment is waiting for you in a warehouse of Tashkent!

Here you can find the best quality industrial refrigeration equipment in Uzbekistan! Just call us:+998 (70) 202-01-32