N-TYPE is a series of units for ventilation and air conditioning, manufactured by VTS GROUP.

Functionality and capabilities of this equipment meet needs of ventilation market. N-TYPE units are the result of work of a group of experienced highly skilled specialists. N-TYPE wind turbines are built using the latest technology, modern design solutions, the most progressive materials. All these developments and innovations make it possible to assert that N-TYPE wind turbines are reliable energy-efficient equipment and fully meet all industry expectations.

  • N-TYPE units meet all needs of our Clients
  • This equipment is designed to work in a variety of buildings and facilities, in all climatesSelection of equipment for a particular facility is not easy, but our managers and design specialists will help you in this.
  •  Use of NCAD On-Line software allows specification of air handling unit to be prepared just in four steps.

Each size consists of elements that allow you to implement the function:

  • Filtration
  • Water heating
  • Electric heating
  • Water cooling
  • Cooling with direct evaporation
  • (Freon)
  • Sound attenuation

Ventus N-TYPE

Maximum air capacity for sections, m3/h



 “Server Service” company is an official partner of VTS Group and sells and delivers the equipment of this company. For more information, you can find out on the phone numbers of the companies listed in “Contacts”