Round and rectangular smoke exhaust ducts

Smoke exhaust ducts are made of carbon (hot or cold rolled) steel, which is coated with fire protection. They are characterized by low aerodynamic resistance, airtightness, rigidity, high level of fire resistance.

Welded ducts and fittings can be of round or rectangular shape with flange or flangeless joint.

Functionality of smoke exhaust ducts

The main function of smoke exhaust duct is creation of safe condiitons for fire evacuation and smoke removal from the building. Emergency ventilation system is equipped with fire safety valves which automatically beep in case of danger.

Ducts made of carbon steel are mounted in residential and administrative buildings, production workshops and flammable products storehouses. Cold-rolled steel of 1,0-1,4 mm thick and hot-rolled steel sheets (1,5-5,0 mm thick) are typically used for production.

Round smoke exhaust ducts

Standard diameter of round smoke exhaust duct – 100-1250 mm. Products of large size (more than 315 mm) are coated with stiffener plates.

This type of air ducts for creation of emergency ventilation system is recommended by SNiP. They are high efficient and ease of installation.

Another advantage of round smoke exhaust ducts is affordable price. In addition, round ducts require less material for production compared to rectangular ones.

Rectangular smoke exhaust ducts

This type of air ducts is less economical and noisy during operation. One of the main advantages is that they can be installed even if there is little free space in the room.

Maximum pressure of standard rectangular duct is 1000 Pa. Products 5 m long is a warranty of high level of structure rigidity. Maximum length of staright duct is 2500 mm.

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Fittings for smoke exhaust ducts

Functionality and types of smoke exhaust ducts are not different from other types of ventilation system. The only difference is a material. All the parts of emergency ventilation are made of carbon steel.

The following fittings are used to create an exhaust vent:

  • bends;
  • T-pieces;
  • Tapers;
  • Four-way pieces;
  • End caps.

Mentioned above components are produced both for round and rectangular ducts. During production it is necessary to observe all generally accepted rules.

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